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Amarillis' 20th album release !
Amarillis and its artistic director Héloïse Gaillard are pleased to announce the release of the 20th album of the ensemble for the Harmonia Mundi label. This new collaboration with mezzo soprano Stéphanie D'Oustrac, a long-time accomplice of the ensemble, is placed under the theme of the Folie, this emblematic figure of the baroque era who is embodied in the aspects of a thousand-faceted character, excessive as well as extravagant, pierced by the diversity of human passions.

The program Facets of Folly features folly in all its states and all its outbursts to better explore its different faces and highlight, under the aegis of Baroque composers with very diverse inspirations, the characteristics associated with it.

This musical journey will be performed in France and abroad from autumn 2020. 

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