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Furioso ma non troppo

Italie (1602-1707)


Opening both the Ambroisie label's collection and the catalogue of the Amarillis ensemble, Furioso ma non troppo is a journey through eighteenth century Italy, where every stage is marked by an encounter between a piece of music and talented musicians. This first opus, with its thematic approach, has been widely praised in the press, both for performances of the musicians and for the programme as a whole.


Diapason 5*****

MusicWeb International 5*****

Classica Recommandé

What the press says

Diapason { 2000 }
"This is the first CD on a new label that has certainly got off to a promising start. Immediately recognisable is the careful attention paid to sound quality and timbre by Nicolas Bartholomée (the label's founder). We also note that most of its content had never been recorded before. The members of this young ensemble are excellent, both in style and technique. The quality of the continuo and the finesse in the performance of the instrumental pieces are particularly admirable."
Classica { 2000 }
"In this ensemble youth is synonymous with intelligence and precision. In these works – recorded here for the first time and all of fine musicological value – the members of the Amarillis Ensemble delightedly combine beautiful sound with very Italian virtuosity. Héloïse Gaillard, whose many talents leave no room for doubt, gives an exemplary performance on this recording, supported by a simple but strong continuo."
Crescendo { 2000 }
"A group of three young ladies with a passion for early music, musical scores, the sound of their respective instruments, and, quite simply, life itself…"
MusicWeb International { juillet 2000 }
Peter Grahame Woolf
"The composers include Frescobaldi played with sensitivity and virtuosity on harpsichord by Violaine Cochard, and Corelli's famous La Follia in a spectacular version with fireworks for recorder and cello. […] No care has been spared on this production at any level. No reservations, and I look forward keenly to their future releases."



Héloïse Gaillard recorders, baroque oboe

Violaine Cochard harpsichord and positive organ

Ophélie Gaillard cello


Maryseult Wieczorek soprano