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Johann Christian Bach

A Music Party


Although the chamber music in this program is sensitive, elegant, and refined, calling upon a broad and contrasting spectrum of emotions, it is rarely played today. Its rediscovery astonishes and moves us. The instrumental "conversation" attracts us with its brilliance and wit....
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ResMusica « A emporter »

ConcertoNet 4 croches

Classica * * * *

Muse baroque 5 muses

Le Monde Sélection

Fono Forum (Allemagne) 4**** 4****

What the press says

Muse baroque - presse internet { janvier 2012 }
Alexandre Barrère
“Empfindsamkeit. Sensitivity. That is the word immediately conjured up by this gallant, discerning recording, of lofty pre-classicism, incredibly evocative of an art of living that skips from the boudoir to the alcove. [Listening] reveals the multi-colored beauty of the timbres, exquisitely rendered by exemplary sound engineering, and especially by a sensitivity in full flower, sublimated by the generous, ample phrasings of Amarillis....
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Journal Le Monde { 28février 2012 }
Marie‐Aude Roux
“This Music Party is a blessing, so rich is it in gallant verve and refined energy. [...] As for the sextet [...] enhanced by the luminosity of the oboe of Héloïse Gaillard, it mainly reveals the conjugated (and almost conjugal) bliss of Amarillis.”
L’ Éducation musicale { février 2012 }
Internet press
« Ces exécutions, supervisées par [Héloïse Gaillard], démontrent encore l'excellence de l'ensemble baroque Amarillis, car elles sont sensibles, finement pensées, superbement dosées. Un disque à écouter sans réserve, d'une musique combien divertissante. »
Gramophone { 18mai 2012 }
International press
“These unfailingly excellent performances of attractive chamber works provide plenty of evidence to explain why the youngest child of the famous Leipzig Cantor was such an important musical role model for Mozart...conversational quick movements sparkle with witty use of beguiling instrumental sonorities; elegant slow music is played with idiomatic refinement.” { }
Matthias Lange
Inspirierte Kammermusik
„Strukturklar und doch mit viel Klanggefühl vom französischen Ensemble Amarillis interpretiert. […] Amarillis zeigt sich in der Präsentation der Bach-Quintette spielfreudig, elegant, klangschön und von einem gemeinsamen Ansatz ungemein inspiriert. ...
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Héloïse Gaillard baroque oboe

Violaine Cochard harpsichord

Amélie Michel traverso

David Plantier violin

Fanny Paccoud viola

Annabelle Luis cello

Lionel Renoux et Pierre-Yves Madeuf horns