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Baroque inspiration

With Louis Sclavis


This project, conceived as a journey to the heart of various Baroque sensibilities, challenged us to invent new vocabularies and create a new syntax.
Works emblematic of various musical schools of the Baroque period are paired with pieces composed or arranged by clarinetist Louis Sclavis and saxophonist Matthieu Metzger, who share a taste for fantasy and liberty of tone in melodic invention.


France Musique Le Choix 5/5

Musikzen Presque idéal

Culture Jazz Oui !

Classica 3***

What the press says

Next Libération { 23mars 2016 }
Guillaume Tion
“Baroque Jazz that is ethereal, intercut by infinitesimal silences that enhance the articulations between the sounds and the ages.” { 20avril 2016 }
Jacques Lerognon
“Original compositions by Sclavis and Metzger are associated with arias by Purcell, Handel, and Marin Marais. The musicians layer improvisations akin to free jazz on the cadences of early music. But harmony rules the album, in every instant, on every track. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter whether this is baroque or jazz. It is music, and very beautiful music at that. Captivating!”.
Culture jazz { 13février 2016 }
Thierry Giard
"This is pure, refined music, elegant in the complexity of the melodic lines particular to the baroque world. But it also shows audacity and impertinence, shaking the sides of the box without breaking anything. The musicians’ total implication, and their appetite for the encounter and collaborative creation are apparent. The listener is eager to follow... An exciting and sensitive disc."
Latins de jazz { 07mars 2016 }
Nicole et Bernard Videmann
« Tout concourt dans cet enregistrement à susciter des émotions et à toucher l’auditeur. La fantaisie de ce projet et sa liberté de ton laisse augurer de merveilleux moments d’écoute lors des concerts que vont donner ces musiciens. A ne rater sous aucun prétexte ! »
Djam { 12mars 2016 }
Philippe Lesage
« Louis Sclavis fait éclore quelque chose qui sonne actuel sans entrer en confrontation avec les compositions des musiciens du baroque mais en gardant de l’esprit baroque les nombreuses combinaisons instrumentales. C’est un enchantement dès que la flûte à bec lance les premières notes de Guerres et Préciosités, qu’elle dialogue avec le clavecin et les coups d’archet...
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Classica { juillet 2016 }
“The work on the sonorities and instrumental movements is most remarkable. The baroque musicians never assert themselves over their jazz companions, or vice-versa. Nothing ever sounds out of place, either in the balance of timbres or in the composition of themes.”
Grey { 28juin 2016 }
Ferruccio Nuzzo
« Le sonorità inventive e spesso destabilizzanti di questo incontro rinnovano il fascino di musiche emblematiche del repertorio barocco associandole ai brani composti o arrangiati da Sclavis e dal sassofonista Matthieu Metzger in una pulsazione barocca che vibra magicamente dei ritmi ereditati dal jazz. »
Musikzen { 05juin 2016 }
Gérard Pangon
« Une incursion réussie hors des sentiers battus ».


Amarillis in trio

Héloïse Gaillard recorders, baroque oboe

Violaine Cochard harpsichord

Annabelle Luis baroque cello


Louis Sclavis clarinets

Matthieu Metzger saxophones

Jean-Philippe Feiss cello