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Pergolesi - Stabat Mater

With Sonya Yoncheva, Karine Deshayes


Giovanni Battista Pergolese was only 26 when he died in Naples in 1736. He had just finished composing his Stabat Mater, which has been a lasting success ever since.

We have chosen to associate it with works by two other Neapolitan composers: Sonata No. 14 for alto recorder, strings, and continuo by Francesco Mancini (1672-1737) and the Concerto Grosso n° 1 by Francesco Durante (1684-1755), who was Pergolese’s teacher.

From praise to supplication, from brilliant and soaring acrobatics to moaning complaints, the music of these three great Neapolitan composers transports us to the very heart of human passions.


Télérama 3 FFF

ResMusica A emporter

De Gelderlander (Pays-Bas) 4****

Fono Forum (Allemagne) 5*****

Le Monde Sélection du journal

The Times 4****

Opéra magazine 3 clés

Limelight magazine 3,5/4

The Financial Times 3***

What the press says

Le Monde { 23octobre 2016 }
Marie-Aude Roux
“As leaders of their Ensemble Amarillis, Héloïse Gaillard and Violaine Cochard have opted for a hard and almost virile line. Emphatic basses, implacable tempo, and grating strings stiffen this Stabat Mater with an energetic backbone that brings additional realism to the drama.”
Telerama { 10novembre 2016 }
Sophie Bourdais
“The concert poster was attractive, and the recording lives up to the promise. […] Sonya Yoncheva and Karine Deshayes give the piece a profoundly human dimensions.”
The Financial Times { 25novembre 2016 }
Richard Fairman
"Karine Deshayes and Sonya Yoncheva's romantic expressiveness lifts this live performance to greater vocal heights. […] Ensemble Amarillis [...] field bright period performances of the Mancini and Durante instrumental works that are the fillers on this disc."
Gramophone { janvier 2017 }
David Vickers
“Mancini’s Sonata is played with sensitive shaping and agility by Héloïse Gaillard, and Durante’s Concerto grosso shows Ensemble Amarillis on compelling form.”
The Times { 18novembre 2016 }
Richard Morrison
“Deshayes may have vibrato rather wider than standard period-instrument issue but her ornaments and sense of style are impeccable. Yoncheva is even more impressive. Her honeyed soprano timbre is beautifully tuned and focused....
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ClassiqueNews { 08novembre 2016 }
Elvire James
« Les instrumentistes d’Amarilis font valoir deux qualités opérant un charme certain : flexibilité et implication. Jamais neutre, le tempérament des chanteuses et des musiciens réunis pour ce programme napolitain baroque saura séduire les fans. »
De Gelderlander { 30novembre 2016 }
Maarten-Jan Dongelmans
« Wat bij de nieuwe live opname van afgelopen juni zeker opvalt, is het hechte teamwork. Sopraan Sonya Yoncheva en mezzosopraan Karine Deshayes voorzien dit van een vleugje glamour en dat doet het heel goed. Zeker in combinatie met het lik op stuk spel van het Ensemble Amarillis. Het levert een prettig balanceren op de scheidslijn van religieuze verdieping en theatrale emotie op. Heel barok dus. »



Sonya Yoncheva soprano

Karine Deshayes mezzo-soprano


Héloïse Gaillard recorder

Violaine Cochard harpsichord and positive organ

Alice Piérot first violin

Sandrine Dupé, Louis Créac'h violins I

Olivier Briand, Diana Lee, Koji Yoda violins II

Fanny Paccoud, Laurent Muller violas

Annabelle Luis, Frédéric Baldassare celli

Gautier Blondel double bass

Bruno Helstroffer theorbo