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Effervescence concertante

J.S. Bach and G.P. Telemann concertos


Georg Philipp Telemann and Johann Sebastian Bach, friends in both heart and mind, liked to transgress established rules and explore, each in his own way, the forms and styles of the Baroque era. Hence our desire to bring them together in this programme without, of course, setting one against the other in any way!


Le Babillard 3***

Musikzen Bonheur assuré

Diapason 4****

Classica 3***

Fono Forum (Allemagne) 3***

Pizzicato (Luxembourg) 3 croches

International Classical Music Awards 2018 Nominé

Toccata Alte Musik aktuell (Allemagne) Cd-Tipp

What the press says

Musikzen { 06avril 2017 }
Marc Vignal
“A contagious enthusiasm.”
Sortir ici et ailleurs { 07février 2017 }
Pierre Aimar
« C’est une effervescence de timbres, d’instruments et de couleurs. On aurait tant aimé assister aux rencontres, conversations, concertations entre ces deux monuments de la musique baroque, qu’Amarillis les imagine, les réinvente et les grave pour nous au disque »
Le Babillard { 22mars 2017 }
Loïc Chahine
"As always, we savor the warm, round tones of Héloïse Gaillard’s oboe and in no less measure we enjoy her recorder. Amelie Michel, an enchanting virtuoso on the traverso flute, joins her, and Violaine Cochard’s accompanying harpsichord continuo is both precise and pleasing. A brilliant soloist,...
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Diapason { avril 2017 }
Philippe Ramin
“With another evocative title, [...] Ensemble Amarillis offers a bouquet of especially virtuoso musical blossoms, in the hues of high German baroque. [...] This is the stuff of amiable jousting and refined conversation. Armed with its opulent sound […], Amarillis attacks these pieces with tireless musical energy.”
Les Dernières Nouvelles d'Alsace { 06mai 2017 }
“Ensemble Amarillis, laureates of the 2017 European Telemann label, [...] has combined two Bach concertos alternating with two by Telemann to make this Effervescence Concertante, featuring the vivacity of music  bubbling with the élan of dance. A joyful effervescence.”
L'Education Musicale { avril 2017 }
Patrice Imbaud
“Everything here is pure musical delight, a poetic, graceful dance thanks to the expert execution and the eloquence of the Amarillis Ensemble.”
Classica { juillet 2017 }
Philippe Venturini
« [...] For this palette of colors to shimmer in all of its diversity, for this “Effervescence concertante” to sparkle, an appropriate setting was needed. […] The effervescence is evident in the energy sustaining every measure, as if the whole piece were sent aloft on the powerful intake of breath heard before the first note of the music.  [...] This bubbly effervescence is fine musical champagne, and there is no danger of it giving headaches.”
Pizzicato { 02juin 2017 }
Guy Engels
" 'Effervescence Concertante' [...] spiegelt nicht nur die ungeheure Schaffenskraft der beiden Komponisten, er beschreibt auch sehr genau, wie ihre Musik gespielt wird: spritzig, sprudelnd, überschaümend vor klanglicher Kreativität. 'Amarillis' hält die Musik stets in Bewegung, nichts ist statisch in den Interpretationen, der Klang und die Rhythmik sind hervorragend ausbalanciert. "

"Amarillis delivers fluid, agile and sparkling performances of Bach's and Telemann's music."
Wunderkammern { 02avril 2017 }
Jean-Christophe Pucek
« Amarillis s'était déjà livré il y a dix ans, à une belle incursion en terre télémanienne. De nouvelles et brillantes personnalités sont venues enrichir ce collectif, mais son noyau demeure immuable, avec une Héloïse Gaillard toujours très engagée et soucieuse d’expressivité...
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Toccata { 01octobre 2017 }
Robert Strobl
« [...] Permanent mitreissende und spannende Interpretation statt einmaligem, explosionsartigen Verpuffens.
[...] Natürlich agiert des Ensemble hier in gewohnter Weise, nämlich frech und frisch, ideenreich und technisch brillant, lebendig, klangfarbenreich....
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Héloïse Gaillard recorder and baroque oboe

Violaine Cochard harpsichord

Amélie Michel transverse flute

Meillane Wilmotte recorder and transverse flute

Alice Piérot solo violin

David Plantier violin I

Alix Boivert violin II and viola

Laurent Muller-Poblocki viola

Annabelle Luis cello

Ludovic Coutineau double bass