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J. S. Bach - Aria

Airs de cantates et Sonates


The ambition of this recording is to rediscover, with a small group of musicians, the magical sound of children’s voices in Bach’s sacred cantatas, so dear to Harnoncourt and Leonhardt, and which create such particular colour and emotion. Modern recording techniques allow a more faithful rendering of this colour to evoke these moments of grace and eloquence.

What the press says

Pélerin Magazine { décembre 2000 }
"On this fourth album by Amarillis we rediscover the magic of children’s voices in sacred cantatas by Bach. The Maîtrise de Colmar (children’s choir), conducted by Arlette Steyer, creates a very special emotion. The mixture of freshness and refinement is quite dazzling."
L’Alsace { décembre 2000 }
"A CD to be discovered and delighted in without moderation; a pleasure from beginning to end!"
MusicWeb International { mars 2001 }
Terry Barfoot
“Some of the recordings are spectacularly good. There is detail along with plenty of atmospheric impact, and this is just right for chamber music and for projecting the talents of the performers.”



Héloïse Gaillard recorder, baroque oboe

Violaine Cochard harpsichord and positive organ

Ophélie Gaillard cello


Maîtrise des enfants de Colmar

Arlette Steyer conductor