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G. F. Handel

Recorder & Oboe Sonatas


The young trio Amarillis has the power to seduce all music lovers, even those who declare themselves allergic to recordings with period instruments. The trio has now not only attained maturity, but also a fine sense of interpretation of the music in its repertoire. This latest recording is a real pleasure, a highly successful encounter between the greatest of English composers and the Amarillis Trio.


Classica Recommandé

Monde de la Musique * * * *

What the press says

Classica { 2001 }
Recommended by Classica
"Héloise Gaillard shows no fear of contrasts and achieves exactly the desired effect."
Diapason { novembre 2001 }
"A careful, delicate reading; great quality in the articulations."
Arts et Métiers magazine { novembre 2001 }
"Full of freshness, spontaneity and vigour, these interpretations explore in depth the various affective climates of the scores."
L’Éducation Musicale { 2001 }
"Héloise Gaillard plays Handel with great delicacy and fine virtuosity."
Le Monde de la Musique { novembre 2001 }
"The three musicians bring out the contrasts, enliven the rhythms, shape the melodies."



Héloïse Gaillard recorder, baroque oboe

Violaine Cochard harpsichord and positive organ

Ophélie Gaillard cello